Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Fast Times

I’ve been over run with work, booze and my book over the last month and the blog has, I’m afraid, taken second place to all of these. I’ve barely had time to look at it, and to be honest I shouldn't be writing this now.

I really wanted this space to convey overly complex and ridiculous theories on how hedonism and technology are combined in the 21st century, instead it’s a fucking dead-zone. Rather that than some bullshit blog, the type I see every day, regurgitating information from another blog, shared knowledge is only good when more than one person is sharing anything of merit or originality.

Anyway, whilst I’m not sure when I’m next going to be able to produce such an update, for now, I’ve come across something quite outstanding. It’s called ComVu and allows me to broadcast live to the web from my multi-media computer, i.e. My Nokia N93.

It’s quite amazing to think of the possibilities. With the N93 you get 30fps near dvd quality images, with a free city wide WIFI connection I could explore architecture, galleries, restaurants and good watering holes, broadcasting everything live, whilst you sit at home and soak up the culture. Quite outstanding isn’t it? The possibilities are endless, I love the future. The Gekko is rising.