Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Fahrenheit 451 and the birth of the Ebook

Guy Montag, you ain’t even going to get close pal, there’s people doing your job for you, idiots with agendas, think they’re proving a point when all they’re doing is looking very, very silly.

Take this chap, Tom Wayne, he amassed thousands of books in a warehouse during the 10 years he has run his used book store, Kansas City, Missouri, now he’s decided to burn then all because people aren’t buying them. That has to be the most ridiculously stupid thing I have ever heard, and I’ve heard some serious cock flow out of ‘got kicked in the head as a child’ idiots.

It’s the electronic age buck, get with the fucking programme, this Tom Wayne is burning his books in protest at ‘the death of thought in America,’ and whilst some stats do show less people are reading for pleasure today than 15 years ago, the inlet for most people’s reading these days is their net presence, and who ever heard of anything good being said on the net? It’s primarily a news source and reading today’s news is anything but pleasurable, I wouldn’t say more than 50% of my reading is pleasurable, I read books, but I read tonnes and tonnes of news and pure information.

Anyway, I’m tired beyond belief after a very heavy weekend spent drinking copious amounts of cider and getting itchy legs, so I’m cutting this short. I just wanted to throw it out there, people have said for getting on for decades now that the book will die out, I personally don’t think it will ever happen, eBook readers are generally rough around the edges, the contents of what people read might change over time, definitely what will be the sort of catalyst that will be the paper book’s death knell.

I do enjoy the fact however, that I can walk around with my Lliad, light, compact, perfectly balanced brightness, and carrying thousands of novels. Outstanding.

Technology, reading, hedonism? Not necessarily in this situation. Shame.

More tomorrow.


AIA said...

Personally I think books are incomparable to e-books and the reason to read the both is very different. Traditional paperback will NEVER die.
Anyway reading e-books is not the main reason for death of thought in the U.S. It's the lack of general knowledge and political brainwash (see: Bushisms), and the whole 'save the world' philosophy.

Chairman Galbraith said...

interesting points raised definitely i'd have to find some more time from somewhere to reply properly but thanks for commenting :D