Thursday, 24 May 2007

I enjoy zombies, they make me rich

Just a very short post tonight, after the match and a skin-full of cider I’m in no particular mood for anything but water and sleep (even though sleep is only for sleepy people).

The posting that I call into question tonight, is that by Gizmodo - they’re not in any place to comment, they’re a bunch of geeks in a drawing cupboard somewhere reporting on the gadgets of the world - but they do raise the fact that now there’s an attractive attachment to one’s glasses, yes the Teleglass T3-F glasses. A little thing that lets you watch TV all the time, where ever you are, whatever you may be doing - hedonism, technology? quite possibly, although...

Well fuck done, bourgeoisie, you’re trying to keep up, you fill the airwaves with regular bullshit, you’ve tried to implement it into people’s mobile phones, and now finally you’ve got it directly in font of their eyes, literally.

HEY, keep them down, that’s what I say, as long as they’re preoccupied with whatever bullshit is being broadcast, they’re working the chicken lines that gets me my tasty spiced bucket on my weekend hangover, and lets you pass any bullshit laws you like. Just please make sure you’ve got the reality TV, world record braking, adverts and other generic cock that’ll keep the dogs down.

OH, but should I be touting, shouldn't I be trying to make sure that everyone wakes up, isn’t that what blogging, web2.0, the social media is all about? Well perhaps, but let me make take my stake first, and then, when everyone else catches up, I should be in some sort of position to start it all over again…

SHIT DID I JUST SAY THAT? Fuck, no I meant everyone wake up, read books, vote, stop reading the mass media, consume the social media...arh fuck, I've been trying to tell them for years, fuck them if 'they' are happy, it'll be fun to watch 'them' wake up.

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