Thursday, 7 June 2007

Content is King

Yeah I know, I know, I’m just rushed off my feet at work, I have no internet at home, it’s summer and I like beer gardens. Combining these factors doesn’t do anything good for the old blogging situation.

A good thought though from Amnesty International on the changing face of censorship on the internet, especially in China, god damn commies. To quote –

"The chinese model of an internet that allows economic growth but not free speech or privacy is growing in popularity, from a handful of countries five years ago to dozens of governments today who block sites and arrest bloggers,"

Tim Hancock, Amnesty's campaign director.

What I don’t think they realize is by opening up the net, they’ll actually have greater control and economic growth, but I guess commies will be commies. Speaking of which, Putin is threatening to train his missiles on us? Better get some of that factor 3k sun lotion on standby because things might just get a bit hot out there.

Just a touch of hedonism today, and pretty much completely off the general theme of this post, but this walking robot is outstanding, just pull up a seat and away you go, lazy legs, let the robots do the work, hopefully they’ll make one that can feed and clothe me soon.

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