Monday, 4 June 2007

The uncanny valley and disturbing times

I love technology, but I would never actually ‘make love’ to technology. I very much doubt the Japs were interested in the pederast possibilities when coming up with the CB2 Child Robot, but none-the-less, it’s completely fucked up. I mean, fucking look at this thing, it's an abomination.

The video (found here) is even worse, the man softly-softly patting its leg, fucking hell! And this inevitably brings us to the Uncanny Valley, how we as humans feel unthreatened by robots, cyberoids, etc until the point where they look too much like us, then we freak the fuck out, and I’m thinking this monstrosity is at this point.

Getting back on point for the blog, we're almost at that hedonistic mildstone of ‘sexbot’ technology. Would I genuinely fuck a robot? It would probably depend if the robot was my overlord and pointing a laser gun at my face, in that instance, probably yes.

But undoubtedly this technology is going to become more and more familiar, the Japs probably leading the way, until ultimately, you’ve got the facility to walk down the street and get your pleasurebot in any size, shape or form. In my mind there’s something just categorically wrong with that, but thinking about it, that’s a healthy train of thought.

Take for instance Darwinism killing off the greasy bottom of the gene pool leech heads because they’re all out fucking robots instead of real humans. But, inexorably these robots are going to be for the rich, well-off types that can afford them, not the proletariat webbed feet type at the bottom of the social hierarchy, so which way will it go? Hmm lots of room for thought here I guess, yours on a postcard, or perhaps in my comments section.

Anyway, my net connection at home is down at the moment so I’m just going to be doing short daily, somewhat thought provoking, posts in my short lunch break at work for now, and if I get access to some wifi at home I’ll do slightly larger more commentary based posts from there.

So, adieu!

More tomorrow

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