Sunday, 20 May 2007

The man behind the curtain

That’s right ladies and germs, that man is me…well not just yet, but rest assured I’m working on it on a daily basis. It’s been two months since I last blogged, and the regular cluster fuck of a life I have has been shooting along at a rate of knots. I would like to say I have no idea where the time goes, but the simple matter is that I do know. It sits in front of a computer for a few hours a day, remembers it should be in meetings in some other parts, lies on a couch later on then convinces itself that it’s missing out if it stays there, then gets violently drunk and regrets all the thoughts of the previous day, this is repeated in regular fashion, sometimes spliced with writing, copulation, good food, golf and fine cigars.

As always I continue a battle with alcohol, the last two months have seen serious amounts of abuse in that sense, ranging from getting strangled by my boss, to getting the company logo tattooed on my arse in a drunken ‘the morning after the night before’ sort of style, to being thrown out of numerous clubs, to almost getting arrested in Bulgaria, and loads more beside, but for the large part it’s a generic wasteland of fuckupery and something I’m determined to knock on the head.

HO HO HO, fuck, like that will ever happen.

Anyway, back to the blog, I’ve decided to change the remit once again, although only slightly. It’s still going to revolve around technology and hedonism, though now however, rather than spinning yarns about my personal life that generally see me drunk and trying to implement some sort of technology to find my way home, or a good bar. I’ll concentrate on exactly what I didn’t want to do, but have inevitably been drawn into it because of time constraints through work and other projects, and that is repurpose what I see on other blogs.

Well, not right down to the last T, but to a certain extent, I’ve decided to show off some of the finer and cooler things that have come about through technology that could equip your house or heighten your status, as probably a geek, but as any well-to-do fellow knows these days, us geeks rule the world, what we say goes, and if we deem it hedonistic, it is.

The rockstars had their day, they blew it, and whilst some still chase after that, admittedly I’m included, the bright, sober and headstrong are assimilating everything and turning their backs. Hedonism today is a cool lunchbox made from Lego and 10,000 lines of code that brings out a brilliant new networking tool, or design concept, or whatever.

So, having been walking the line between ‘in the know geek’ and ‘out of the loop metal head’ for the last decade now, I’m finally trying to make the leap into Geekdome, I’m hoping this will sober me up, help me get along with my job better, maybe find a woman that isn’t terrified of me, and yet still continue to have fun. But what do I know, I’ll probably be drunk as fuck lying in a ditch by Wednesday.

Anyway, to end this little tirade of nonsense, I’m going to put down what I can only class as my first and only piece of poetry, I found it on my hard-drive in an odd sub-folder, labelled ‘TOSH-21-06-05’, I have no idea what it means, or why I wrote it, but for some reason it stands quite proud I feel.

Before the poem however, I’ll say adieu from this style of posting. I believe I’ll be posting a few images, some small time prose and perhaps a little bit of rambling from now until around August, when I move out of the house with the students, and hopefully get somewhere I feel I can really do some writing.

Sophisticated people with sophisticated lives
Champagne and caviar
Haute couture and show frocks
Busy and on the go
Grab it by the balls and shake it about

Fine art and dinner parties
Show face
Trophy wife
Self made captain of industry
Strutting and smiling
All the money in the world
Attack from the inside
A giant for the gods
Cheese on tooth picks
Pre-cut tinned chucks of genetically altered pineapple

Braces and power ties
Masonic money clips
Outstanding views
Cuban heals
Friends in plastic
Door delivered sushi
Price wars in the dark
No guts no glory.

Enough is enough
Weeping at the conquering of all worlds

Push all time aside
Make deals
Golden doors
Red phones
Real money
The big time
Crush your enemies.

Where to stand?
Time to take sides as time takes no sides

Torn jeans and bad house whiskey
Cheap cigarettes
Bad fittings
Greasy hair
Deranged bohemia
Bullshit fashionista
No shame
Crazy hell bent

Drug addled
Big thinking
Small time no one
Internet celebrity
Big fish small pond
Factory line pre-proofed generic swine
Line the street
Smile like nobody
Packing chickens

Lack of knowledge
To die alone, take it all

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AIA said...

Gosh, I wish I could write like you...poetry or reality - hard to tell...nice blog! Cong's